Thursday, September 24, 2009

The More You Order The More You Help

This announcement came on my Facebook Wall and wanted to pass this on to you. Denise Hanney of Spa Expectations Corporation is ordering 10 now and 10 during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Read below and connect to something important.

AnnieMae's Cheese Cake

For those who may not know Anniemae's Cheesecakes & Moore is named after my Grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer, during breast cancer awareness month and 3 days before my birthday in October 2004. Not only did it claim the life of my grandmother but also my great-grandmother in 2001. Since then I have become an advocate for breast cancer awareness. To do my part I found a great organization Cancer Cares which offered me grief counseling in dealing with their deaths and to get a full understanding about breast cancer.

So on September 25th, my Mom's Birthday (who passed in 2006) I am launching our Sho Fly Cares Collection. We have made Pink Ribbon Ballerina Slippers with the Pink Ribbon emblem on them. A slipper will be placed on one of our large Cupcakes and presented in a pink box. Proceeds from the sale of each cupcake will go to Cancercare.Org.

Please join us in the fight against breast cancer. I know first hand how devastating this disease is and can be. Please help support an organization that helps those still battling breast cancer.
Each large cupcake & Shoe is $6


Danielle L. Moore Confectionist

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I just love your newsletters. They are very informative.


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