Monday, October 12, 2009

Save The Ta Ta's

Breast cancer takes more than breasts from a family. It mothers, daughters, aunts, wives, friends, and a spirited person who is loved. Save The Ta Ta's is an organization that takes the approach that laughter heals and any woman going though this serious battle needs to laugh even if it is for just a moment.
Save the Ta Ta's does do serious work.
Founded by ta-tas® Brand Clothing, The Save the Ta-tas Foundation is committed to fighting cancer at every stage, including education, prevention, research, community outreach, and emotional support for those struggling with the disease.

The Save the Ta-tas Foundation
has pledged at least $50,000 over the course of two years to The Concern Foundation, partnering with them to fund a dedicated breast cancer researcher. The more funds we raise, the more researchers we can fund.

Innovative and new, this organization is determined, like its founder ta-tas® Brand, to end this devastating disease - with a smile of course! Laughter heals, log onto Save The Ta-Tas for more info

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