Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Importance Of A RSVP

Many couples struggle with those last minute fools.... I mean family and friends, who wait well beyond the RSVP date.  You've got to make those calls "Are you coming?" and it is annoying when you are working on the details of seating and cost.  
Well, I am guilty of this etiquette no no.  I never responded an email for the fund raising Gala for the Women's Venture Fund, titled 2010 "Defining Moments" Annual Gala at The  Capital, a nice site for a chic NY wedding reception.  As I arrived at the door, I could see the room was filled with corporate big wigs near and far.  For a rainy cold night, the attendance was spectacular.
Luckily I spotted one of the companies executives and as she saw me, her mouth dropped, "I thought you couldn't make it".  You see, my answer to the "Are you coming?" was vague and uncommitted. Realizing my faux pax, I told her I would leave.    Betti was gracious and said "We will find room".  I stayed and saw friends, BUT..... 

I was seated at a table for 10, all the way in the back of the room, and there was no one at the table for the first course (beet salad with some sort of cream cheese).  A few other table mates arrived, but it was then that I realized what I would be writing about today.  If I had RSVP'd, I could have had participated in scintillating dinner conversations.  So I learned a lesson and I hope you have as well.  It is just plain RUDE to not RSVP.  Then this happened....
I purchased a raffle ticket from one of the volunteers and when they read the numbers off I didn't even look at the ticket.  Someone is usually jumping for joy that they won.  There was no winners responding.  I looked at my ticket I WON!  Two bottles of wine and a gift certificate to Fairway.  
I'm am thankful for the lesson which means I am a big winner.

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