Friday, April 22, 2011

Get Ready For Your Reality Close-Up

Now before you start rehearsing your temper tantrums and softening the ugly cry, this reality (documentary style) show wants to capture the originality and essence of each ceremony and then further explore what it means to make a commitment in 2011.

They are looking for all kinds of couples with diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity's and same sex weddings.  This is the beginning stages of this project and being interviewed is not a commitment that you will be a part of the project.  
All of your info is treated in confidence and you have until the end of May to apply.  Tell your story of love, planning, and the after glow.  This is a reality show you can learn from:

We are looking for all different types of couples, wedding events, locations and points of view. It is truly an opportunity to capture the hopes and dreams, the challenges and the resistance and successes that are involved in getting married in America at such a crucial time in history

Beginning on the day of the marriage event (we're hoping to feature as many different kinds of weddings/ceremonies possible) and finishing up exactly a year later, we will film couples periodically through their newlywed year. Timewise, you can expect that it will be a combination of timed intervals (say, every four months) and family events (holidays, births, etc.) and will probably be just a few days of shooting at a time.

Each episode will be one hour long and will feature the full year of two couples at a time and will be shown on a very popular major cable channel. The commitment is less that of time than it is of the ability to honestly and openly communicate about each other and the experience of this important first year through candid and open interviews.



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