Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Give Your Guest A Fever

I was introduced to Feverish Gourmet Popsicles via the Today Show.  Entrepreneur and owner Felecia Hatcher fell flat on her face while attempting to chase an ice cream truck in heels. Upon her decent to the ground she came up with the idea of a hip ice cream truck with upscale ice cream catering for adult events (she was on the ground for a long time).....

As you can see Feverish is not only great for kids, but wonderful for  summer/beach/garden weddings (Wedding Gourmet Popsicle/Ice Cream).  Flavors are unique (Mimosa W/Strawberries, Strawberry Mojito, and more).   You can also customize the popsicle stick, making it very personal.  It's a cool, fun, favor that will leave your guest feeling refreshed.

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