Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Would Like To Share This

If an African,  a Queera Mexican, and a Black walk into a room will something extraordinary happen.
I recently participated on a panel with Rafael Esquer (Alfafa Studio) and Leyden Lewis (Leyden Lewis Design Studio).  Beyond Black History, Diversity in Art and Design, was a panel headed by Atim Oton who is the co-founder of Black Design News Network, publisher and editor of Calabar Magazine, and lifestyle blogger for Huffington Post Black Voices.
We had a lively discussion about art, design, race, and more.  Below is the wonderful letter I recieved from Melaine Riem, director of Special Projects for Art and Design.

Dear Cassandra,
The panel that you spoke on, Beyond Black History: Diversity in Art and Design Practice was one
of the most energizing and engaging that we have ever hosted at FIT. I could not have
imagined, when we first imagined this event, how not only the excellence in your craft, but
also your honesty would have made such an impact on our audience- and on me.

It was a truly wonderful evening- one whose conversation should continue.
I hope that we might have the opportunity to do that with you again.

On behalf of the School of Art and Design, thank you for your thoughtful, provoking
participation, wonderful work, and for your help in making this event a critical success.

Best Regards,

Melanie Reim
Special Projects
School of Art and Design


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