Monday, February 25, 2013

I Liked This......No....Really, I Liked This

 I am not sure what led an Oscar Nominated and ultimate winner (for Make-up), Lisa Westcott, to wear what she wore.  It seemed as if she was working all day and she said "OH GOD!  THE OSCARS ARE TONIGHTGIMMIE THAT SEQUIN TOP.  HEY YOU WITH THAT BLUE SCARF...." The rest is history. 
Critics will have a field day with this one.  I, on the other hand, liked really I liked it.  For some reason with all it's errors, there was something inspirational about it.  The color blocking, sheer boldness, and she was incredibly humble. 

Lisa Westcott, may be the bunt of many Monday morning blogging, but not here.  I began to see this ensemble as an off the shoulder 4 ply silk top, with a hint of blue at the waist, with a bold orange bias cut skirt. 

I can't explain why I didn't find her crazy attire, crazy, but one thing for sure, most people commenting probably don't have an Oscar or an IMDb resume, Lisa Westcott.  Those who know her, weren't surprised she looked the way she did and those who don't know her at all....don't matter.  

Congrats Lisa and Julie!

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