Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Bells are Ringing!

The custom of ringing the bells at the wedding was to keep evil spirits away. They not only rang bells, they hit pots, pans, and anything that would make loud disturbing sounds. Many believed that evil spirits liked to hang around newly married couples. The more noise they made the less evil work could get done.
Today, the bell ringing is used to serenade the couple leaving the church, entering the reception, or just to get the couple to kiss.
Below these bells are perfect for a wedding fashioned with a cultural flair. The brass bells have markings at the center tied with a "Raffia-like ribbon". Complete your wedding favors by gifting your guest with these bells and they will make a joyful noise for you and your love!

Brass Bells above are about 1" with Raffia-like ribbon at ends and a stripe markings at the middle of bell.

$3.50 each

(This does not include Shipping and handling)

To purchase the bells for your event

please call

Cassandra Bromfield at 718.388.2055

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