Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mail Order Bride

When I walked into my studio bright and early I had a message waiting for me. "I LOVE YOUR DRESSES, I MUST HAVE ONE FOR MY WEDDING! The only problem is I am in Atlanta and you are in NY."
Believe it or not this was not a problem. The bride let me know which dress she liked on the website. She had some requests, a trim that was going on the top and the bottom, the picture showed some of the models waist but she didn't want too much exposed. With sketches that were sent by fax and swatches that were sent by mail, we then had the dress.
Next, I needed her measurements and that was sent back to me with a deposit for the dress. I created a muslin (cotton fabric) in her pattern. That was sent to her with instructions on how to pin. Back the muslin came to me along with a picture of herself in the muslin (thank God for technology!). The adjustments were made on the pattern and then the dress was cut out and finished.
This was an unusual way of getting a wedding dress and I told the bride to call me when she felt uneasy. She did, we talked and that eased her nerves.
When it was finally time to mail the dress, it was my turn to get nervous. It was sent with a prayer (the balance is paid in COD).
I checked tracking #s and when I knew she received it, I called. She wasn't able to open the package right away, nosy fiance. But when she did I got my answer "IT'S BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU!"
Below a picture of this King and Queen.

Her dress is a two piece Mocado Silk with lace at top and on the bottom skirt. Both peices are embellished with glass beads and buttoms.

P.S. When I got this picture it was my first time seeing the bride. Even when she sent the picture of her in the muslin, she cut her head off. I thought she made a beautiful bride.

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