Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Add A Little Cowrie

Many Brides today are creating their fantasy dress using cultural touches. This can mean shells, adinkra symbols, or even special fabrics used to create the gown. Some brides are not subtle at all they a want a bold accents and embellishments. Indian brides wear beautifully colorful ornate saris and English brides have horseshoes embroidered into their dress for good luck. More and more African American brides are seeking designers that will incorporate an African eliments into their dream dress.

For Beth and Harold's Grand Afrocentric Wedding, her silk satin gown was beaded with glass beads and gold Ankhs (an ancient Egyptian symbol the of life read more) and hand painted with gold swirls. The train was also painted with gold Ankh's.

However some brides have opted for a simple touch like just adding a little cowrie.

The dress in the front, one of Cassandra Bromfield's samples, was purchased by a bride when she tried it on and it fit perfectly. Just one problem, she really needed that Afrocentric touch. Cassandra added the cowrie shells and some small gold ankhs which makes the gown just right for this modern cultural bride.

You can have your gown embellished or even just purchase a cowrie shell pin large or small. This is a perfect accessory to a dress missing the cultural feature that is important to you. (read Her Wedding Her Way)

Cowrie shells can be added into the wedding very stylishly. Check out my Cowrie shell pillows. Also available on

Double Cowrie Shells on four corners


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