Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surviving Bridal Expos

Some where in the planning of a perfect wedding you will hit a Wedding Expo or two. They can be a real help or a waste of time depending on your frame of mind. Sorting through all those business cards and promotional material is just annoying and confusing. I was at a high end Wedding Expo, and in the restroom a guest was throwing out all the cards, brochures and flyer's she had received in her shopping bag. The waste basket was already over flowing. It was just a mess and consider the waste to the environment.

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Unfortunately, that is the style of most Expo's. Pass out as much info as possible. This can be good because some businesses do not advertise widely and it is a good start for your initial research.
Below some more tips for attending a bridal expo.
  1. When at Bridal Shows, put stars or a notation on cards that you’re interested in.
  2. Use mailing address stickers when asked to sign mailing list. Some Expos will create stickers for you for a price. Also realize that honeymoon contests and others are a way for the company to create a mailing list. Many contests are for real but they are going to either/or all three, call, email, or snail mail you.
  3. Don't take info that you are really not interested in. Vendors would rather see their material in hands of interested clients not a litter basket.
  4. Sort your cards in categories, designers, florist, entertainment, etc... Put them in order of what companies you liked best.
  5. Begin looking at websites, emailing for more info, and calling for appointments. When leaving a message, the best number and time to be reached cuts down on phone tag. Always leave your info. The vendor does not have to look up your info when calling you back.
  6. Be aware of the vendors behavior with you at their booth. I have been to many Expos and been surprised at the selling techniques of some businesses. I think eye contact is important and they should be able to fully explain what they do. They should be professional in dress (does not mean corporate) and in manner. Remember if you are using this service the same energy they are giving you at the Expo is maybe the same they will put into their service or product.
  7. Just as you are sizing up the vendor, they are sizing you up as well. They look at your clothes, pocket books, shoes and that diamond on your left hand. I don't think this is fair but it is a fact of selling (I have made many dresses for customers with no rings in comfortable shoes and clothes). How you look can make a difference in what will be available to you. Some companies hand out the special promotions to "special customers". I don't recommend your Sunday Best or designer originals (unless that is your personal style), but dressing well will get you great service.
  8. Birds of a feather flock together. Ask for referrals from companies that you like.
  9. Negotiate! If you like the business, but it's out of your budget? See how they can cut cost, and get you what you want.
  10. If your fiance does not want to go and you drag him out anyway. You do this at your own peril. I have seen many grooms walking around with their lip poked out. It's not cute at all. Log onto The Groom for help. Make the trip with girlfriends or go solo. You will be surprised at how much more will get done.

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