Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Bump Wedding Gowns

When Alicia Keys tied the knot, in her Vera Wang gown, with a very obvious baby bump, a new trend was born (pun intended).  However, maternity wedding gowns are not new.  Brides have made efforts to hide their indiscretions from the wagging fingers and tongues of family and friends.  Ms. Keys may have made it easier when couples faced with this dilemma.

Baby Bump Wedding Gown

I found out that I created a baby bump gown solely by accident.  One of our models in the Natural Bride shoot was 4 months pregnant.  At first we worried, then one of the gowns proved to hide her belly and all things went ahead smoothly.  I now have a new way to sell this dress, it is the Baby Bump Wedding Gown.


HannahThompson said...

She is looking lovely in this wedding dress and makeup.
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anti radiation said...

All dresses are superb. Each dress is unique and made of very high quality. They also have many advantages than buying from the store. You have very nice collection for maternity women. If you look good, you feel good! Thank you for sharing.
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personalized shoes said...

Each of these dresses is gorgeous. Wearing beautiful dress,walking to the auditorium with loved person

BlackisBeautiful said...

Awww she looks so pretty in that gown and makes it look even cuter with the baby bump.


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