Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bride Cuts The Pie?

OK, let me explain. I have a bride who loved the many cake designers she met but it was too pricey for her budget. She didn't want to give up cutting her cake so I gave her a few suggestions.

Tip #1
Don't give up cutting a fabulous cake, just cut a small cake for the two of you. Serve a sheet cake to your guest. The many weddings that I have attended I've seen slices of cake left, uneaten and wasted. The sheet cake cost less because it doesn't have all the complicated decorations. At least those uneaten slices cost less.

Tip #2 (this is the pie suggestion)
The aboved mention bride is getting married Thanksgiving Day weekend and I thought why not serve your guest indivual sweet potato and/or pecan pies. She loved the idea. Her mom even said some of the frozen pies (which are about 9") are excellent. The saving is really remarkable and you will be charged a slicing fee from the catering hall. However, the price per slice is almost 3 times less than some of the cost of a cake. It is worth a thought.Single serving pies can be found here in New York at Harlems' Wimps.

Let me tell you my little Wimps story. On Friday nights my boyfriend would buy two pies, sweet potato and apple. We would delight in the flavor and they wouldn't last the weekend. There was a problem with the pies. He did not buy the single serving pies, IT WAS THE BIG 9" PIES! We became GIGANTIC!
Even though I encourage you to go have a taste. Take it from me do not make this a habit or you will have to put a panel into that fabulous dress.

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Paula205 said...

As in all things good, moderation is key. Set goals for the week or between the two of you, once they are met set the reward, hint, hint, hint


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