Monday, May 28, 2007

New Magazines to Hit the Newstand

Paper and Ink must be on sale these days because more magazines are hitting the newsstands than ever. Special interest are a big focus today. You can find a magazine that ,seems like, it was written just for you. Below two new glossies just for you.

I recently got a call from the publisher Fidel Atabong, giving me a brief description of his new magazine Uzuri. It's titled the "Premier International African Inspired Fashion Magazine". Fashion and beauty from an African perspective gives this magazine it's special quality. The contents include Beauty Tips, Mode Afrique, and Bon Appetit, highlighting the Bouwland Winery.

I found my issue at the International Newsstand at 42nd Street near 8th Ave (Applebees is 2 doors away) or go online to

You all must have been online with, which is a resource giude for women of color.

Kesha Monk of 98.7 Kiss fm, has just launched

Chocolate Brides Magazine. Most wedding magazines are not reaching today's Black women. Keisha saw the problem clearly when she Jumped the Broom. Images of beautiful weddings lacked enough cultural and beauty ideas that would appeal to women with different aesthetics. After recognizing the lack Kesha got busy creating something that Black women can hold onto.

I found my issue at the newsstand in the train station, 5th Avenue (E and V train) or go online at Chocolate Brides Magazine


Paula205 said...

This has always been a concern of mine, when reading bridal magazines very few if any are geared toward a bride of color, it is an inspiration to read your article and how you made the choice to take this niche on. I my self recently started my own unique line of women's hosiery. . Because of it's unique feature, it has been patented and makes for the ideal bridal accessory. Stories like yours inspire me and make me feel my descision to pursue my dreams, was the right one.

Dee said...

Great news! I have a few clients that need inspiration and most of the bridal mags don't have what they are looking for.

I will add your blog site to my links . Thanks for staying on top of all this.

blackbrides at blogspot dot com


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