Friday, June 25, 2010

Nipple Covers

That's right I said it NIPPLE COVERS.  I said it out loud NIPPLE COVERS.  The more I say it, then you think "I need NIPPLE COVERS".

Gowns like the on above are created in a silk charmeuse, which is a soft, lightweight fabric, that can show every bump, curve and that includes NIPPLES.  Sexy in the bedroom but at a wedding reception with family and friends, would be too much information.  Which brings me to YOU NEED NIPPLE COVERS

Introducing Nippies Skin™, now made with our exclusive soft and flexible Invisifeel™ silicone technology for an even more skin-like experience! Refined ultra-thin edges blend seamlessly into skin. The matte "paparazzi proof" finish won't reflect light through clothing. Perfect under summer's blush-toned clothing and sheers!  

Read more:  The Ultimate Nipple Cover.

1 comment:

jelly andrews said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this one. I guess this is the perfect way to cover nipples especially while wearing dresses and gowns with the same fabric as the one you mentioned. But does nipple covers adhere securely in the skin?


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