Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bermuda Rum Cake Secret

I don't know what the secret is. And Linda Horton won't tell either, she will only say her Orignal Bermuda Black Rum Cake has a generous splash of Black Rum. The rest of the ingrediants are safely tucked away in her head.
Each bite is buttery, moist, and fabulous it's a perfect dessert for afternoon tea as her website suggest. Skip the traditional wedding cake with white icing and serve slices of The Original Bermuda Black Rum Cake. Then again while you're on the rock, for your honeymoon, order up a tin for your late night snack.


emily2200 said...

Link Pampered Passions to your wedding site. They don’t have any stuff for guys but who cares? He will be too busy looking at me in my lace bustier to notice  Anyways, they have a contest to win a Bahamas trip. We’re going for our honeymoon, but I wouldn’t mind goin back.

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