Saturday, July 28, 2007

Have You Lost Your Mind!

Monday mornings must be filled with the flow of emails and water cooler conversations about WE TV's Bridezilla. You can't possibly be as bad as these women filmed. I know you have asked family and friends to CONFIRM that you are not like that. Just wait for the awkward pauses and high pitched "Nooooooo! Not at all. We understand you want a really Nice wedding". However, if you think they are dodging a bullet, you can take a Bridezilla Test or Quiz.

Did you see the one about Maria, who had a brilliant idea:

The Good: Each table will have it's own personal homemade cake. All of them will have different flavors, icing, lovely.

The Bad: The bride decides to bake and ice all of the cakes herself with the help of family and friends. ( you know this is going to get ugly)

The Ugly: The bride is filled with so much anxiety she abuses her family and friends with unnecessary tirades, realizes this may not have been the best idea, gets drunk before transporting the cakes from point A to B. Her maid of honor is the designated driver drops the "special cake" for the in laws. Godzilla stomps on the tiny metropolitan city. The Horror, the horror.

I know the premise of the show is for brides to be obnoxious, irritating, and abusive but, I actually thought this was a pretty sweet idea ( pun intended). She just didn't have a working plan. Here are some ideas I thought of.

  1. Ask a baker to create 4 popular flavors. Make your own icings.
  2. Have one cake and flavor icing, decorate differently with sprinkles, nuts, candies, etc.
  3. Purchase cakes from discount stores like Costco. They will even decorate the cakes. Each cake can have the table number on it. Or have them with a special message.

What ever you decide for the wedding cake, just remember to be loving to all that are helping you and keep the drinking to a minimum.

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