Thursday, February 21, 2008

Courtship Stories

How did you meet?
How did he propose?
Many of us want to know, brides and grooms often want to share the magic and memories of those special times. A videographer can produce your love story to show guests at your wedding reception. You could write a few words for your program. Or, why not let someone else tell your story? In style.
Courtship Stories Wedding Favors and Keepsakes
( will write, design and print your love story in beautiful booklets for all your wedding guests.

Inspired by "Vows" in the New York Times, Ellen Braunstein, an award-winning California writer, partnered with Vanessa Ploski, a New York designer in the wedding invitation industry. They crossed the wedding invitation with a magazine to create 10 elegant designs in colors that coordinate with your reception or ceremony. The 12 - 16 page card stock booklets showcase engagement portraits and favorite snapshots.

This is not your grandmother's telling of a courtship story, the favor booklets tell your story with twists and turns, colored with warmth and tenderness. These stories are real and compelling- not sappy or cliche`. Here is a sample:

"Floyd takes pride in his peripheral vision- the ability to notice a good looking woman without getting caught, so thank goodness he didn't turn his head when he saw Gwen for the first time. His Hummer might have crashed into a school wall and bent the license plate."

Ellen says that two families will get to know each other by reading the story of how you came together - the beginning of your family history. One family knows the groom, the other knows the bride. By learning your story, they will know "us".

First you and your fiance are interviewed. Your story is turned into a manuscript, which you approve. Then choose, your style, colors, and see the design on screen, approve a proof and the order is shipped. Everything can be done by phone or email, easy and stress free.

Visit the website where you can read and see the booklets in three dimension.

Phone: (877) 427-8584 or (909)499-3429

Ellen Braunstein
Writer and Creative Director
Courtship Stories and Tribute Stories

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