Saturday, April 19, 2008

Your Dissappointment Is Also A Blessing

The Crocodile Lives in the water,
yet breathes the air.
Demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances.
A friend of mine shared with me a story of a woman who had a disappointment, a loss that led her to the blessing and gained really big with an Oprah experience.
Planning a wedding is ripe and fertile ground for disappointments to flourish.
For example: You order red roses for your bouquets. The florist has a hick-up and the red roses are not available.
You: What!? *#%$? !!
The Florist and the Blessing: They replace the flowers with a more expensive flower and makes a financial restitution. (this may or may not always happen)
P.S. You can still get married with out flowers, adapt to the circumstances.
Example: This has happened to me and here's what I did.
The Bride looked beautiful in her dress. It fit well and with one problem, the gown was 1" too short. Now, this may sound like just a little bit, but to a bride 1" looks like 4" and that will ruin any wedding day.
The Blessing: The bride got financial restitution.
More Blessings: She called me to say she looked beautiful on her day.
My Blessing: She sent the balance of the discount I had given her back.
Your wedding will be filled with more highs, if you look at that way.
Treat your dissappointments like water on a window pane, just let it roll on by.
The Blessing is always clearly there.

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