Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adding My 2 Cents

This is the time of year that you will be making memories, but if you are also planning a wedding, it can be like holiday magic of describing all the exciting wedding elements that you are creating. Or it will be a few months of Know it All's, Wanna Be's, Kind of, Used To Be A Wedding Expert Advising you on this that and what ever. Everyone has an idea that they want to share and believe me there are gems, jewels, and treasures in their suggestions.

However, it is your wedding and you had no plans of wearing white, covering up that tattoo, or cutting off your locs. As a free thinker you have decided to be just that, free of the traditions that you are not connected to.

Traditions do come from a good place. Their meanings are shrouded in good luck and lessons for the couple to have a successful marriage. So when you make changes many people worry about the success of your relationship. Then again I think people just want give unsolicited advice because that is the job of a Know it all, Wanna Be, Kind of Use to be a Wedding Planner adviser, which is add in their 2 cents, and I bet you'll want to give some change back.

1 comment:

Delores said...

Nice reminder about the importance of maintaining your individualily--comes in handy after you get married too!


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