Friday, November 13, 2009

Let' See How He Does It

Upcoming episode of My Fair Wedding this week is Bernadette and Lawrence. Her wedding inspiration is African inspired, which has my attention. I've seen a lot of unique weddings covered on TV and although there is a spattering of Broom Jumping, not much more in the way of, over the top Afrofabulous.
So now enters David Tutera, of My Fair Wedding. The premise of the show is that the bride presents their wedding ideas, which are deemed ummmm tacky. David shows the bride 3 ideas for say for flowers, bridesmaids dresses, and even the brides dress. The decision is all his and the couple doesn't know what he has done until the day of. It's David, so it will be Fantastic!. I am very excited to see how this he takes this couple ideas, which I am sure is very nice to Majestic Motherland Marvelous. I'll be watching and I hope you will too.
Air Dates:
Sunday, November 15 at 10pm | 9c
Monday, November 16 at 12am | 11c

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