Saturday, November 14, 2009


I found these spoons in a local African shop (J and S Imports, see below for info). The spoon can have duel roles, as a favor and as escorts cards. If your wedding has a culturally inspired then there are few choices, I think the spoons close the gap.

These wood spoons are $2 to $3 and if you are buying a large quantity you can bargain for a better price.

After you have done your seating arrangements make the strips with the guests names on the computer. Cut them out and wrap around the arm of the spoon using a glue stick to seal. You may need to trim the paper strips some. Take some dried fruit, a generous teaspoon full. Put that in a clear plastic wrap and make a little pouch then tie at the top with a Raffia string. Trim the top of the little pouch. Place a piece of double stick tape at the bottom of the pouch and place that in the spoon.

J and S Imports
865 Broadway
NY, NY 10003

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