Monday, May 05, 2008

The Beautiful Search

It is considered the search of a life time. Some would consider a loving partner, with whom you will spend your life with, a search to end all searches. But, the wedding gown will make women move heaven and earth for the perfect dress. Many women can break out in hives over just the thought of this daunting task. For average size women there are racks of tulle confections, in different styles. This can still be stressful sifting through so many styles. But for the plus size bride her choices are limited in style, fabrications and in some cases bridal stores will charge an additional fee for being over a size 18. So you see why some women don't even want to shop for the dress.
Charmein Canton has decided enough is enough and has put pen to paper. Down That Aisle In Style: A Wedding Guide for Full Figured Women, this book is filled with practical advice from her many years of experience as a wedding consultant and a plus size woman herself. From head to toe you'll learn about necklines, hemlines, the whole nine yards. Every part of your wedding day should be fabulous and that begins with The Beautiful Search.

Charmein Canton

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