Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind The Scenes

5:45Am was the call time for the 6:45 airing of Chamein Canton's Tips for Plus Size Wedding Dresses (Down That Aisle In Style). Chamein's interview with Michelle Charlesworth was packed with fabulous tips for how to pick the right dress for your figure and even if you are not here in New York, you can still see the video here: Know Your Body Type (click on book for video prompt) also Read The Full Story.

Other Links not included on WABC site

Beauloni Style Headpieces (worn by Tiffany)

Greater Advantage/Sheri Collins (Our Third Model)

What you didn't see was the fun behind the scenes. Here's what it looked like and there are a few more links WABC missed.

Getting Ready

Tiffany puts on finishing touches

Isabele Garcia, gets her touch up while her husband makes sure every lash is in place. Isabele also represents New York in Miss Plus America

Super lash, I don't know how she had these lashes on so early in the morning, but they were like trained butterflies that sat on her eyelids. Natasha Jules was ready for business.

Ready Set Go

Microphone Check

Shhhh, no pictures while filming

Success! The camera man steals a hug.

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