Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gifts for Grandma

And Grandpa, Auntie, Big Sis, Mommy Dearest, and the rest of the clan (if you can afford it). I loved this from the first time I saw this. Digital Photo Key chains are such a nice gift for the Grands. Their Brag Book now becomes a sweet compact little doohicky they can easily whip out for everyone to see. You load up your favorite photo's from the wedding and you can even personalize them for each side of the family. I am sure his Auntie Nana doesn't want a picture of your Uncle Joe doing the Electric Slide. Unless, of course, you are playing matchmaker.
Most of these Digital Key chains are priced under $30 and even some under $20. Below is a small sampling of the many styles available. My initial inspiration came from Target Sunday Advertising insert (insert your zipcode for savings in your area), check out Digital Photo Key chain for $19.00. had a large selection Digital Key chains and prices too.

Digital Phot Veiwer Available at

NexTag also has a great selection of Key chains beginnig at $14.00

Pink Digital Key Chain

Compare, save, and have fun with technology.

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