Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blahhhhhh

Most of us are familiar with the little wedding poem:

Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue

Which many brides adhere to quite literally.
The poem dates back to the time of Queen Victoria. Each line has a reference to what a bride should wear to bring blessings and good luck to her marriage.

Here’s the breakdown:
Something Old - It’s not the bride, (stop that). Will represent family and the brides ties with the past. Sometimes this item is a piece of jewelry, handkerchief, or even the head piece and/or the veil.

Something New - This refers to the bride looking to the future to the a happy married life. Most brides will consider the dress the “new” but lingerie is also in this category. Of course it is, you wouldn’t wear borrowed lingerie ewwww!?

Something Borrow - Usually an item is borrowed from a happily married friend or relative. Hoping that some of that good luck will be transferred to the new couple. So don’t borrow stuff from bad news sisters. Let them keep their negative vibes to themselves.

Something Blue - Blue seems to be the color mostly associated with the Virgin Mary. Most paintings and renderings, she is portrayed in a blue robe. Blue is the symbol of purity. I know you thought it was white.
Brides will wear a blue garter, this is an odd item to associate with purity.

A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe - In the Scottish tradition the groom carried the coin in his shoe to represent financial security. How about some CD’s, Mutual Funds, IRA’s, Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills, Real Estate Deeds, you get the picture, assets.
Today brides, are actually carrying the sixpence themselves, along with other financial securities, because romance, without finance, is a nuisance.

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