Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Book Store Is Open Now!

I have been wanting a bookstore for a very long time. The dream was to offer bridal and wedding books that help you plan, all located in one cool location. In addition to great titles, I also wanted to serve the best coffee and tea, in fabulous cups and play only the coolest music. If any of you have visited the studio, you know I play only jazz radio (WBGO) or some other world music, movie soundtrack etc. The shop is going to be attached to the fabulous boutique bridal shop housing creative gowns, accessories, and more. This vision is still strong and clear.

Now, if you know anything about commercial space in New York, it is high which makes finding a space in the right location at the right price difficult. So, I am not giving up my dream and as I move towards my complete vision I ,in a way, figured out how to have A Bookstore.

Visit Wacky World Of Wedding Traditions, scroll down the right side of blog for titles or link to labels Books Music Products. Feel free to browse at this location, there will be no annoying sales person keeping an eye on you and I will be posting books, music and products that I believe will enhance your wedding.

So I may not be able to serve you in a cool cup of something, but you can pick up books at a great prices (you know Amazon, some books are under $1.00).

Wacky World Of Wedding Traditions
Hours of operation 24/7

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