Tuesday, September 09, 2008

D.A. M. Pretty

One day as I was walking down the street in the Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I saw these ladies setting up a tent on the sidewalk. They were preparing their flowers to sell. One of the buckets were fill with bright blue roses. I could hardly believe that they were real. So I touched one and yes they were real!

Now I look at the other buckets and they are all filled with the freshest and the most beautiful and unique flowers. It was such a sunny day and the colors of the flowers made the day even more amazing. So as I lingered I wanted to who were these ladies and what is this sidewalk floral shop. D.A.M. Pretty is the name of this company and I would say Dam Right!

D.A.M. Pretty, Dingle, Addison, and Mayo have been friends for 20 years and have shared the same love of beautiful things. So they formed a company that to sell housewarming gifts to cool people. That means you. The bigger plan is to open a shop in Brooklyn this fall. Need something now, don't hesitate to and discuss with Dingle, Addison, and Mayo your fabulous event. These ladies are looking to create something special just for you.

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