Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lavish Luxe International

"Lavish Luxe is committed to caviar quality, elegance, sensuality, and luxury"

The Wedding Night is one of the "other" most anticipated "events" in a couples life. At least it's supposed to be. After months of exhausting planning the honeymoon night is more like a BIG SNORE instead of THE BIG SCORE!
Well, if you don't want to drink a gallon of coffee, try the eye popping, heart stopping, beautiful lingerie from Lavish Luxe International. They combine one of a kind designs and quality of Argentinean products. Using hand dyed fabrics and embellishments imported from around the world to create lingerie that gives you a boost of energy that will keep you both dancing all night. You may not wear it for long but you will wear it again and again.

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Anonymous said...

I aboslutely love Lavish Luxe International website! Beautiful Models. It is stunning and one of the best sites I have seen for Lingerie!


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