Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be Inspired

Time doesn't wait,
If you think you might have found the right one,
treasure the person,
don't let that person get away.
Don't let fear hold you back.
Give it a try else you might later...

"No one other than ourselves know
what can truly make us happy."


Your bright idea for the ceremony was to create your own vows. A touching vision of soft tears running down the face of your groom at the ceremony. Then everyone Oohs and Ahhs from the tender moment you have created. One thing you forgot is that you have to actually write the vows yourself. In the beginning of this process you thought this would be easy, of course you know everything about the love of your life and how you feel, but you are no Shakespeare in love. Don't worry there is plenty of help out there for the poetically challenged.
Pravs is an inspirational site that not only give you the perfect vows for the big day, but there is much much more. Pravs is an inspirational web site to help you stay in touch with your heart using words to make a positive impact. From poetry, forums, advice, photos, and more, you can learn how words and a positive outlook can create a beautiful tomorrow. Write on my lovely's

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