Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Biggest Fan

M.Elaine Bromfield First Bass at Washington Irving HS

My biggest fan was my mother. What ever I was doing, she was the person who would make the biggest fuss about how great it was. I remember when we couldn't get photographers to photograph our events, she was there with her "point and shoot" taking the best pictures. Next day she would be at Genovese for 1 hour photos getting double prints. I don't think I thanked her enough for this favor, but I really did appreciate it. My life is filled with so many of her standing ovations for me.

When she wasn't able to get out on her own, I took over with making sure she took her medication, doctor visits, and general care. She had difficulty giving up driving and her ability to come and go as she pleased, but my mother made up for it by "busting out orders". I didn't always like it but we would laugh and get on with the day.

My mother taught me to sew, took me to all the New York Museums (she was a NY school teacher), camping, and we drove cross country. She wanted me to know the world was my oyster and all I had to do was open it. I had a leather jacket that was very nice and my creative bug told me to cut the jacket up and make a patchwork bag. I was never punished, I think she just thought "her jacket, her creativity". Well, it was that or she just didn't realize I cut a beautiful jacket up. No matter, my mother was my biggest fan and I will miss her terribly.

As I was telling friends and family of the news, I lamented to one friend I don't know when I will get back into things. He said "Oh no, we don't have time for you to sit down. Plus if you don't have to worry anymore, because now you have an Angel". M.Elaine (Mommy) would say "I am fine, honey, you've got to earn a living".

So I am back to writing, creating and more with my angel in tow. She really is the 'Wind Beneath My Wings". I hope to make her proud.

Thank You Mommy For Every Thing


cola said...

I was thinking of you today. Hope today was better than yesterday.

I am hear if you want to talk.

sharon said...

I remember seeing your mom at every show, proudly snapping pictures. She was and will ever be your rock.

Much love to you. Keep honoring her memory.


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