Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Iceman Cometh

Iceberg Slim, Iceberg Straight Ahead, Ice Ice Ice Baby, I could have settled on any one of these titles but settled on The Iceman Cometh, it fit because it's cool ;-) (thank you Eugene O'Neil).

Last night at The Wedding Salon Mini Boot Camp, which was jam packed with a excited brides and a few grooms. Each vendor (vendor list) made a presentation and brides were able to ask questions to help them with their planning goals. As New York MTA would have it (really, I just left late) I missed Mr. Shintaro Okamoto's presentation, who was first to speak. He took a little time with me at the end of the event.

Ice sculptures take an event to a luxurious new heights. Can you imagine your cocktail hour with the bar made completely of ice. Mr. Okamoto can. Or individual ice sculptures with caviar, sushi/shashimi or even on the sweet side, a scoop of wine flavored sorbet, Mr. Okamoto has done it. The portfolio is quite impressive and Okamoto Studio New York Ice Sculpture does not just make ice sculptures. These are artists are like Michelangelo's with electric saws, boots, and good music to work by. Ice can become anything you like. Wow your guest and Wow yourself.

The Iceman, Mr. Okamoto, Cometh
and he is cool


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