Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thank- You I Do Black Love

I recently cam across this blog post "I should be writing thank you cards right now" from I Do Black Love, Or, I Do; Black Love. It is the period on the big celebration of love fun and family. Plus you don't want everyone to think you are completely narcissistic, send out a heartfelt thank you.
Some of you may have a guest list over 200, I feel your pain, so hand writing thank yous is a daunting task. Take a little sting out of the job by having the stationers that printed your invites also include the thank you notes. I know you should add personal touch so do just that, create a poem that is personal. See my poems below:

Wedding Thanks

The limo was late. The DJ was drunk and somebody's escort smelled like a skunk. We drank cheap wine and ate baked chicken. We still thought it was finger licken'. After cutting the cake of confection and cream. She threw the bouquet and every women screamed. The men were louder when he threw the garter. It was so much fun A lot to remember. The best day of our lives.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you
For being by our sides

With much Love


We've jumped the broom
Cut the cake
Did a little dancing
Until it was late

We had so much fun from beginning to end
And before we get settled like a rooster and hen
Together we say
Thank you so much
For sharing our special day
Lot's of Love

Now go out and be thankful.

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