Saturday, August 22, 2009

DIY: Wedding Swatch Card

The color theme for the wedding is so important to brides. They will carry swatches of fabrics and pictures around to share with vendors, family and who ever else will listen. At times brides can become so locked into a color that any shade slightly up or down, will send brides a flurry of emotions.

I once had a bride, who shared with me her beautifully designed invitation (by the groom) with red being a dominant feature. She wanted a red wedding gown to match the feeling of the invite. I showed her about 7 shad
es of red in the fabric choices from 2 of my fabric sources, she asked if there were more choices that would match more perfectly to the invite. The fabrics were as close as it could get and I told her "I understand you don't want the colors to look too different from the picture on the invite (art work of a woman) to your dress. But I promise you, not one of your invited guests will hold the invite up as you come down the aisle and complain UGH, THIS DOESN'T EVEN MATCH THE DRESS!". We both laughed and she was able to make a decision with ease.

I think I have come up with an idea that will help you make a color palette that you will keep every one on the same color page. Using this method you'll also have greater room for creativity. The specialist working on the wedding can coordinate their products instead of trying to find and exact match which may be impossible and disappointing.

Visit the paint store where you can pick up color cards. meant for picking paint colors Choose the colors that match your wedding theme. Which includes your dress, the grooms suit, bridesmaids dress, etc. Then begin to look for accent colors that coordinate with the dominant wedding colors. Be sure to take a few of each color card. I suggest you do this at a large store like Home Depot or Lowes, they will have a larger selection of colors.

Begin to cut out the colors and then label them, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and flowers.

Make a little hole in the corner

Label each little card, bridesmaids, flowers, groom etc.

Then tie all small squares together

Make a few so you can give this to the florist, event planner, etc.

Get a little fancy using a shape punch that resembles a dress or the fancy circles. These punches are from Paper Shapers (dress) and Martha Stewart (scalloped circle).

I couldn't seem to find the paper punches I used on line ANYWHERE (I found them at Paper Presentation 23 West 18th St., NYC)! I found that this site had a HUGE selection of Paper Punches: Create for Less

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