Sunday, August 02, 2009

Jenea's Vegas Wedding

Vegas Baby Vegas, and what happens at Jenea's wedding does not stay in Vegas. Here just a few snaps from a relatives perspective. They tell me to wait for the professional photographers photos.
Just a few details about the gown. This is one of my more traditional dresses. Jenea wore a silk satin full length ball gown. It hung right at the tip of her shoulders and with pleating at the shoulders with pearl beading. There is a V front with shirring and silk flower detailing. There is so much personal time spent with a bride I learned that Jenea's late maternal grandmother was an important fixture in her life. Betsy, was a seamstress also and when I accidentally stuck her with a pin, we knew it was Betsy's way of letting her know she was there. One more detail of the dress, Betsy was spelled out in Swarovski pearls on the train. I also put a V for Vernel (Jenea's Mom) on the inside who I believed is Jenea's anchor.

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Delores said...

Her gown is pretty and she looks lovely in it! What a sweet story about her grandmother. Like the way you literally "wove" it into the dress.


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