Thursday, October 01, 2009

Breast Fest 09, Vote 3 Times

You may know her has the Couture Cake Designer, Margo T. Lewis. The fabulous confections of her company Cake Bliss are legendary. You may not have known that Margo is cancer survivor and she has a story. The invincible Miss Lewis's story is outlined in a film called Margo at the Breast Fest Film Festival 09. Watch, Vote (at least 3 times), and pass the info around.

Survivor is the key word here, Margo is a go getter and with 3 or 4 , (I loose count) of businesses that she has created, one that is an extraordinary is her show house 96 Magnolia. It is an opportunity for her to give back and you too can contribute. Visit the website and see how you can have your cake, eat it, and make a difference. 96 Magnolia

The Breast Fest Film 09 uses the versatile medium of film to frame and explore the spectrum of issues surrounding breast cancer. This annual festival uses films, panels, workshops and speakers to connect people to the breast cancer cause, inspire dialogue, facilitate learning and foster community. Breast Fest is the world's first film festival dedicated to breast cancer awareness and is an initiative of Rethink Breast Cancer. Log onto Rethink Breast Cancer for more info.

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