Friday, October 30, 2009

Get On The Bus

I got on the bus today for a mammogram. I have to admit I have not had an exam in a very long time. This is dangerous because early detection is your biggest alley in fighting this deadly disease. I jumped at the chance to get examined.

I know that you stop at my bridal blog for wedding tips. This is how I tied it into the wedding stuff. Your entire bridal party can make it a breast exam party. OK get your mind out of the gutter. Make an appointment with the van for the entire bridal party and include his mom, your mom, aunties, and play aunties too. After the exam go to lunch and toast being women taking charge of your health and for healthy results.
American Italian Cancer Foundation
Mobile Cancer Screening
Mobile Screening Schedule
Here's how you can Donate?

Thank you to the staff for the exam and for the information. It was priceless.

Remember, early detection does not mean a death sentence. Knowing is growing. There is support out there for you. JUST GET ON THE BUS!!!

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