Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monster Of A Job

Photo from Creepy Cupcakes

Have a good laugh today

It's getting kind of scary out there. You've got no reception hall, you don't like the flowers and your mother is getting on your nerves. BOOOOO! It's the Rocky Horror Show, for real!

Planning a wedding is like haunting , I mean a daunting task. The maid of horror, um I'm sorry honor, is always missing. Everyone is acting strange. Talking about the wedding puts them into a strange zombie like trance. Your even thinking of having no kids at the wedding because Children of the Corn are not cute. Even your fiance` is starting to look like Herman Munster.

I could go on with more metaphors but you get the picture. Planning a wedding is a Monster of a job.

I wrote this in 2007 for an October issue of my monthly newsletter, Let's Get Married! (View the last newsletter here). By the way is fabulously informative and beautifully written :).

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