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Themed Weddings Lame or Awesome: Guest Post Emily Jacobson

Intergalactic I Do

Are wedding themes lame or awesome? It all depends on the theme and how far you carry it. Everyone wants to make their big day as personal and memorable as possible. Themes can help you do it. But to choose a weird or peculiar theme just to be unique is to risk turning your wedding into a freak show. 

You also want your celebration to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. That means choosing a theme that won't bore or turn off guests who don't share your enthusiasm about the theme.

Winter Theme: Invites Galore Wedding blog

A wedding theme is a good way to set a guiding principle for all the footwork to come. If you want a theme, choose it after the proposal and the purchase of engagement rings but before setting the date.
You don't want to choose a theme midstream and then have to go back and change everything. 

There are many general themes that will pull everything together. Winter themes, romantic themes and flower themes are all popular and can be low key.

Romantic Bouquet: Sugarplum Invitations, She Walks In Beauty Rustic Romantic Bouquet

Or go bolder with a celestial theme featuring a ceremony outside under the stars, telescopes for stargazing and a planetarium reception.

A vintage wedding is a tasteful way to spice up your wedding, while cultural themes can be unique and personal at the same time. These themes add dash and distinction to your celebration without going too left of center.

Colorful and Cultural Wedding Attire

Remember that although a theme is meaningful and personal to you, it may seem bizarre to someone else. A Gothic wedding complete with black wedding dress, graveyard ceremony, and spooky reception in an abandoned building may be perfect if your wedding guests are all Goth. But if you want to include friends and family from outside the circle, you run the risk of scaring them off.

Lucky In Love Wedding Blog

Another example is the Elvis theme. You may love "The King," but your guests may not relish the prospect of spending an entire day with him.

Elvis Impersonator UK
If an unusual theme is important to you, you might want to limit your guest list to a small group of people who share your enthusiasm, or at least accept you as you are. 

The biggest disadvantage of a themed wedding is coordination. You have less room to manoeuvre and everything has to match. This can create problems down the road. If you want a themed wedding without the hassle of coordinating it, consider a wedding package. There are wedding packages for many themes, and some providers will even create a themed wedding package just for you. You can also hire a wedding planner who specializes in the theme you want.

Thank you Guest Blogger Emily Jacobson. All very good suggestions

2 comments: said...

Hi Cassandra, This isn't our area of expertise, but we can't help but weigh in! As with houses, we think one that's gimmicky is usually bad. But following a general theme is often the way to pass along cultural history. Hopefully, whatever the theme is, it's something that's important to people involved.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Great comment Celeb, I agree, most of all it should be important to the people involved. I always tell brides it really doesn't matter what you do, people will talk about you.


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