Wednesday, November 25, 2009

World Premier In London

World Bride Magazine

They are taking their show on the road, getting in a plane and traveling all the way across the pond. London is in for a real treat. World Bride takes a fashionable cultural approach to weddings. The editors eye is so sharp that any bride will get a wonderful ideas on every page.

There is much excitement about this event. This is not your traditional bridal show and The World Bride Editors and Designers are looking forward to meeting you.

Saturday, December 12,2009
5pm - 11pm
The May Fair Hotel
London, England

For more information World Bride Magazine in London


Anonymous said...

This event looks amazing..


Anonymous said...

This notion of a "world bride" is interesting. From taking a look at the magazine's site and the image above, it appears that the attire is western with splashes of cultural touches from elsewhere. I hope this is not the sole case for the showcase. If it is not, perhaps, from the magazine, more presentation of attire and additional traditions of various cultures would provide a fuller picture of what this work is about. Images are signficant. Thanks for the post.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thank you both Anonymous,I think the event does look great.
I agree Annon #2, it would be great if a cultural dynamic offering to the wedding industry. I do highlight customs in my other bridal blog It focuses on the many different and sometimes wacky traditions we follow today.
Thank you Cassandra Bromfield


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