Monday, December 07, 2009

1200 Guest, Wonderful!

Martha Stewart Weddings

I recently picked up a "Destination Weddings" issue featuring the wedding of Marcus Samuelson to Maya Haile. Born in Ethiopia, raised in Europe and moved to New York to find that love can be found far away from home with someone who is from home. Marcus, a chef and co-owner of Aquavit and C.House in Chicago and Maya a model, have a world of choices for a wedding in grand style. They chose to go home, Ethiopia.
They planned two ceremonies, one traditional Catholic and the other, that included a three hour journey to Maya's family's home. That journey took 3 hours, a few flat tires, and 1200 people to celebrate. Tradition here (US) is guests are asked to RSVP so the couple can plan accordingly. However in Ethiopia when there is a celebration, everyone is invited and that is where the fun begins.

I loved this couple trading luxury for tradition and getting both. This was grand Afrocentric style straight from the Motherland.

Marcus and Maya's Wedding Photos

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