Thursday, December 31, 2009


Kuumba: Creativity
The Kwanzaa Team took off like a rocket ship with imagination as it's fuel.

The above dress was an unlikely choice for Audrey but then she could see beyond the silk charmuese and in a few weeks she and John purchased an African Fabric which was a white cotton jacquard (with an intricate variegated pattern). His garment included the gold embroidery down the front. It seemed impossible to find a trim that would match the gold embroidery on his garment. Then again this was a wedding where nothing was impossible, the trim coordinated perfectly.

Her reception dress was built for movement. This was her second entrance gown and she would need to be able to get down, get up and fly with the Iwa L'ewa Heritage Dance Ensemble.

Holly Bryant(the wedding planner), had royalty in mind when she had these invitations created. Guests received a box appropriately marked Umoja (unity of family and community). This held a scroll that was the invitation. It was so beautiful and you knew this wedding was going to be special.

The Palace
(reception site), made room for this couples creativity. In the lounge where the cocktail hour was held, the shelves filled with African statues and photos of African American leaders, highlighted with candles. Beautiful candle sticks stood at attention on the coffee tables.
The reception room was illuminated with purple lights that accessorized the tables that were filled with greenery.
At each place setting a little wooden box sat with 2 little scrolls held with cowrie shells. On the scrolls were the 7 Kwanzaa principals and thank you note.

The Palace made the cake. Which was decorated with an Ankh at the top and also embellished with other Kwanzaa symbols.

Audrey told me later that one of her relatives said "I want to be s member of The Kwanzaa Team."

This is how creativity works, it is infectious and everyone wants to be apart of it.

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i love those regal wedding invitations! thanks for visiting my blog today. look forward to reading more of yours.


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