Thursday, December 17, 2009

Munaluchi, A Dream Come True

Munaluchi Bridal

You are a woman of color and you're getting married. This prompts you to take a trip to the newsstand, you come to a complete halt. How can a couple tie in a Nigerian, Kenyan or South African wedding tradition into their nuptials? Jumping the broom is not for everyone nor is it the only way to add a bit of Afrocentricity to the wedding. To answer this query enter Munaluchi Bridal, catering to the bride who craves culture and style..
Munaluchi will be launching the US, UK, and Africa and will be on sale January 1, 2010. Look for Munaluchi Bridal at major retailers like Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Walgreen's and more.

A magazine filled with beautiful wedding ideas that celebrate the elegance and beauty from the continent of Africa, it's a dream come true.

Photo: Editor and Chief Jaqueline Nwobu

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