Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The Palace
may not be the first place of business you associate with Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics but this is where we all came together.

King and Queen strolling through their court.

Wedding Planner: Holly Bryant 848.391.3593
Wedding Design Specialist: Nicole Welk
Palace Panning Manager: Melenie Wernersbach 877.PALACE-4
African Dancers: Iwa Lewa Heritage Dance Ensemble
Culinary Consultant: Pearl Thompson
Brides Attire: Cassandra Bromfield
Grooms Attire: Endam House of Africa
Make-up Artist: Theresa Williams 732.672.9147
Photography: Brian Cole-Olschool Productions 908.361.6932
Todd J. Dreyer Photography 585.719.7733
Videographer: Michael Simons Production 732.533.5133
Hair Stylist: Tamecka Williams, The Hair Chateau 908.561.6411
Music: Justin Woo and Christoper Jay Guiang "CJ the DJ"
Table Centerpieces: Keith Rowe

This list is still being fine tuned.

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