Monday, December 28, 2009


Collective Work and Responsibility, this is certainly what a wedding is all about. When Audrey (The Kwanzaa Bride) began to create her wedding she knew she needed to put a team together that would work together, separately, and with the same agenda.
Planning a wedding has it's obstacles and this one had a whopper. After my 3 day adventure at the hospital (I'm fine), the Kwanzaa Bride's blood pressure went up too high for comfort. Her hospital stay was worry some but we (Team Kwanzaa) were undaunted. We continued our creative efforts and we were as one in our collective work and responsibility.

The couples Heartfelt Thanks:
Mom and Dad, We thank you for your love and generosity which helped make this beautiful day possible. We are blessed to have so many special people in our lives. We hope you have a wonderful time at our wedding celebration. May we celebrate more happy occasions with you in the years to come!

Team Kwanzaa
Wedding Planner: Holly Bryant
Wedding Design Specialist: Nicole Weik
Palace Planning Manager: Melanie Wernersbach
African Dancers: Iwa Lewa Heritage Dance Ensemble
Culinary Consultant: Pearl Thompson
Brides Attire: Cassandra Bromfield
Grooms Attire: Endam House of Africa
Photography: Brian Cole-Olschool Productions
Todd J. Dreyer Photographer
Make-up Artist: Theresa Jefferson
Hair Stylist Tamecka Williams
Music: Justin Woo
Christopher Jay Guiang-"CJ the DJ"

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