Sunday, September 05, 2010

DIY: LED Tea Lights

Some facilities have ruled out candles, considering there are many videos of brides, moms, guests, grandmas, who are catching on fire.  Even my hair caught on fire at a bridal expo.  There were candles hanging from a decorative tree, which was lovely, until I backed up for some photos.  My friend saw my head smoking and screamed "YOU'RE ON FIRE!!!!!".  It was put out in time, but was too dangerous.
Now you can still have the look of a flickering candle without fire using LED lights.  They are cheap and easy to drop in a frosted glass.  You can also decorate the plain lights so they can stand alone.
Tools and Materials

LED Light Plain

Jewelry Flat nose with cuter and round nose pliers
Glue with a small opening

Copper color wire 22 gauge

Cheap Nail polish (this one was not cheap, but it was what I had)

Butterfly cut out (optional)

Small Cowrie Shells (5 per light)
Begin by painting the light with the nail polish.  You will have to do a few coats to get it opaque. Let this dry for about an hour.  While it is drying you can do the next step.

Cut the wire about 8 to 10 inches long.  If you are doing a lot, cut the amount of wires you will use.

Make a coil at one end of the wire.

Wrap this around the light bulb.  You could stop here and just add a cut out with the guest name and table number.  If you do that coil both ends of the wire. 

Moving on, add the glue the small cowrie shells in a star pattern.  On the plain end of the wire sandwich the butterflies to the wire.  Let it dry for about an hour or more.

Add a card for seat assignments or you can love in different languages.

You can also to this with white glitter for those winter couples.

For supplies and tools check out Michaels.
Cowrie Shells from J & S Imports 865 Broadway (New York), 212.242.7212

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