Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mackenzie's Hawaiian I Do

I received an email from a recent client  who married in Hawaii:
"We are married and home from Hawaii!  I just wanted to send you a few pics from ceremony.  My gown was faaaaaaaabuuuuulous!  Thanks for making it so special for me!!  Once I get my professional pics back, I will send them for your  site/blog.  Enjoy"

The dress was a Greek inspired gown made from layers of silk chiffon with a crystal beaded belt.


African-American Brides said...

That gown is beautiful, Cassandra! The bride looks like a goddess. Love it, love it.


Anonymous said...

Looks fab Cassandra! You did such a great job on the gown! I will be sure to send you lots more when I get the photos back from Amity Mason, she did the pics! She does great work too!! Have a great weekend!!! Oh and Thanks Erica ;)


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