Sunday, April 08, 2012

Super 8 Super Cool

Super 8mm Film is a cool way to finish off a Vintage Style Wedding. It is a hot old trend that is getting a well deserved boost.  Creative videographers, can put a spin on your wedding memories that will have you watching for years and years.

Kristian, owner of Bliss Productions, took her Great Grandparents 16mm wedding video, which was transferred by Spectra Film and Video.  She then shot more recent footage and edited it in to the final piece.  It is truly a blessing that the film is so perfect so many years later. Read more

Below MK Super-8 shows you their creative process.


This old/new way of documenting the day has become all the rage.  Many videogphers are specializing in the area and you can see amazing of examples on Vimeo or Google Super 8 Wedding Videos.

Below is a video I created from old photos, and then with a click I made the photos look even older.  It's Super Cool.

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