Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Anniversary Celebrated In Style

Ten years ago Toni and Mark got married.

They had a little girl and named her Mali...

 ....and then a little boy, they named Nile.

Who love each other dearly.

Mark and Toni decide to celebrate in style.

This family is filled with creativity and their 10 year wedding anniversary could not be simple.  They decided to honor the marital bliss with a family picnic in Georgia.  
Picnics may call for casual wear but as I said before this is a family of artists.  Everyone in the family had a piece on created by me. 
Toni loved my patchwork and I created a patchwork jacket with bits of her original wedding dress.  That was paired with a denim A-line skirt.  For Mark I created a vest that was reversible to a patchwork side.  Mali looooooooved Tutu's and Nile looooooooved caps I used the same African Print in their parents attire.   The entire brood got the Converse sneakers that were customized with their original wedding date.  It was stylish, chic, and everything can be worn again and again. 
Mark and Toni are photographers (Mark Samuel Photography) with their own company.  Which means the photos are very important, so they got the incredible photo journalist Ross Oscar Knight to document the day.

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