Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy What Ever Your Celebrate At This Time Of The Year

We came into December with high hopes.  12.12.12 was a date of great anticipation.  Mass weddings were scheduled along with the request of C Sections (whooooa!).  Why the rush, a date like this won't come again until 1.1.2101 and while there can be some heavy eye rolling at the idea of a famous anniversary date, if it makes you Happy, then plan on.

12.21.12, another day that has fueled with superstitions and predictions.  In the end it wasn't the end, but it leaves us with an even bigger question.  What if it was and were you Happy?

As you go forward into 2013, with new hopes and desires, remember to plan for Happy.  It's easy to get caught up in the "Do the right thing for everyone else, because it's selfish to put yourself first", but then does that make you Happy.  Fill your life, with passion, excitement surrounding yourself with people who love you and who you love.   Everyday is a gift of possibilities and even when there are disappointments, Happy is not the impossible goal.

Most of all I wish for each and every one of you Happy days.  That all your hopes and dreams come true and where ever you go, people are Happy you came. 

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